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★、Everyday, every moment that goes by I think of you. My brain tells me to give up, but my heart says I can't stop loving you. I spend all day dreaming of the moment you would call to say you feel the same way. As much as I try to pretend, the truth is, I can't stop loving you. I don't know how to stop.I will cherish the moments we have spent together, from our very first kiss to our last. I miss the way you kiss me, the way you look at me and rub my face, I miss you calling me Ms. Maynard (because you know it gets on my nerves), I miss you missing me, I miss everything about you, I miss our phone conversations and the way we would spend hours talking about our countries and the way we grew up. But most of all I miss my best friend.I will place the moments we've shared together in a time capsule and hide it in the most secret place of my heart. And maybe 20 years from now, if or when we meet again, maybe then we can both open the capsule together and be reminded of our wonderful friendship.Gosh, my life stinks! I mea www.zhlzw.com n I finally meet the right guy and he's not available. I'm in love with you but I can't be with you.But, I've got to tell you, for the first time in months I can finally smile because although you didn't say much the last time you called I knew you still cared.You can keep on denying it, you can keep hiding from it, but trust me you are only lying to yourself. Everyday I ask myself why … why do I feel this way? Why can't I stop loving you? Then it dawned on me … you put voodoo on me! Just kidding.Before I go I want you to know that you will always have a special place in my heart, and like I've said many times before, I do not regret anything we've done. The only thing I regret is you telling me you love me because since then you have given me nothing but the cold shoulders.Please don't be scared, I want nothing but your friendship, well … I do want more but I am willing to settle. I am not trying to make you feel bad or push you further away. I am just trying to make you understand what's in my heart.每一天,每一刻,我想你。我的大脑告诉我放弃,但我的心说,我不能停止爱你。我整天做梦的时候,你打电话说你有同样的感觉。我试着假装,事实是,我无法停止爱你。我不知道怎么停下来。我会珍惜的时刻,我们共同度过的,从我们的第一个吻,我们最后一次。我错过了你吻我的样子,你看,我擦我的脸,我很想念你叫我女士梅纳德(因为你知道这让我心烦),我想念你想念我,我很想念你的一切,我很怀念我们的电话交谈的方式谈论我们的国家和我们长大了,我们会花好几个小时。但最重要的是我想念我的最好的朋友。我将会把我们已经一起分享的时刻,在一个时间囊,并把它藏在我的心里最隐秘的地方。也许20年后,或当我们再次见面,也许那时我们都可以打开胶囊,并提醒我们美好的友谊。天哪,我的生活很臭!我的意思是,我终于遇到合适的人,他是不可用的。我爱上了你,但我不能与你同在。但是,我要告诉你,第一次在月,我终于可以微笑,因为虽然你没有说你最后一次叫我知道你还是关心。你可以继续否认这一点,你可以从它保持隐藏,但相信我,你只是对自己说谎。每天我都问自己,为什么……为什么我有这样的感觉吗?为什么我不能停止爱你呢?然后我就明白了……你把巫毒教我!只是在开玩笑在我走之前,我想让你知道,你将永远在我的心中有一个特殊的地方,就像我已经说过很多次,我不后悔任何事情,我们已经做了。我唯一后悔的是你告诉我你爱我,因为从那时起,你给了我什么,但寒冷的肩膀。请不要害怕,我什么都不要,但你们的友谊,以及……我想,但我愿意和解。我没有试图让你感觉不好或推你渐行渐远。我只是试图让你明白什么是在我的心里。  ★、I asked god for a rose & he gave me a garden. i ask god for a drop of water & he gave me an ocean. i asked god for an angel & he gave me you! one day you ask me: what's more important to you, me or your life? i'll say my life and you'll go and leave without even knowing that you are my life. my eyes are hurting because i can't see you. my arms are empty because i can't hold you. my lips are cold because i can't kiss you. my heart is breaking because i'm not with you.我问上帝要一朵玫瑰,他给了我一座花园;我问上帝要一滴水,他给了我一片海洋;我问上帝要一个天师,他把你给了我!有一天你问我:我和你的生活哪个更重要?我的答案是后者,那你将会离开,你甚至不知道你就是我的生命全部。我的眼睛看不见因为我看不到你,我的膀子空空的因为我不能抱着你,我的嘴唇冷冷的因为我不能亲吻你,我的心碎了因为你不在我身边。★、I went to bed last night with a vision of you next to me. I slept like a baby all night, because I was not feeling alone. When I awoke this morning to see if it was real or if it was a dream, realty hit me that it was only a dream. Very soon, I know that you will be right next me, and that I will not have to dream of it again because you will be right there so we can hold, hug and squeeze each other tight. Baby, I long to be there with you so I can help build you and support you, so that we can accomplish a whole lot together as husband and wife.我昨晚睡觉,梦想着你在我旁边。整夜我睡得像个婴儿,因为当时我并不感到孤独。今天早上我醒来的时候,看看它是否是真实的或如果它是一个梦,现实打击了我,这只是一个梦。很快,我知道你会来到我身边,并且我不会再去梦想,因为你就在这里,所以我们可以把握,彼此紧紧拥抱。亲爱的,我渴望和你在一起我可以帮助你,支持你,所以,我们可以做很多一起作为丈夫和妻子的事情。★、My darling, I'm waiting for you.How long is a day in the dark?Or a week?The fire is gone now,and I'm horribly cold.I really ought to drag myself outside,but then there'd be the sun.I'm afraid I waste the lighton the paintings and on writing these words.We die.We die rich with lovers and tribes,tastes we have swallowed,bodys we have entered…and swum up like rivers.and swum up like rivers.Fears we've hidden in,like this wreched cave.I want all this marked on my body.We are the real countries.Not the boundaries drawn on maps,the names of powerful men.I know you'll come and carry me out into the palace of winds.That's all I've wanted,to walk in such a place with you,with friendsan earth without maps.The lamp's gone out,and I'm writing…in the darkness.亲爱的,我在等你。不见天日的一天会有多长?一周呢?火熄灭了,我觉得寒风刺骨,我真想拖着病体到外面去,外面阳光普照。我很抱歉我将电筒里的电都浪费在了看这些画,还有给你写信上我们都会死,我们与爱人、家族一同魂归天国,我们嘴里都有对方的味道,我们曾经灵欲合一…在爱河里畅游。内心的恐惧,像这幽暗的山洞。我要把这些永远铭刻在身体上。我们的国家是实在的。不是画在地图上的边界,被用强人的姓名命名。我知道你会回来 把我抱起迎风屹立。我已别无所求,只想跟着你漫步天国,与朋友们一同去一个没有地图的乐土。油尽灯枯了,我在黑暗中,默默写着…★、Dear Sweetheart, You brought love and laughter to my empty, sad and boring life. My heart had known only emptiness until the day you came and filled my heart to overflowing with your jovialways. Your sense of humor has turned my frown into a smile. You taught me how to love again, you taught me to give and receive love by trusting in you and believing. You taught me to go the extra mile. And though there are miles between us, I never stop thinking of you, you have brought a change into my life and my heart is forever yours. I can never forget you, or keep thoughts of you out of my mind. I think of your sweet lips and kisses, feel them as if it was yesterday. Thoughts of you warm my heart. You complete me, you are everything my heart desire. Loving You Always, Judy.你温暖我的心亲爱的甜心,你带来爱和笑声,我的空虚,悲伤和枯燥的生活。我的心已经知道,直到有一天你来到,装满了我的心与您的愉快的方式满溢唯一的空虚。你的幽默感变成了微笑我皱眉。你教我怎样爱,你教我的信任给予和接受,并相信在你的爱。你教我去加倍努力。虽然我们之间有英里,我从来没有停止想你,你走进我的生活带来了变化,我的心永远属于你。我永远不会忘记你,或者保留我心中的思念了。我觉得你甜蜜的嘴唇和亲吻,感觉他们仿佛是昨天。对你的思念温暖着我的心。你完成了我,你是我心中的渴望的一切。永远爱你,朱迪。★、Dear Sharif,I always thought that dreams were just dreams, but you made them all come true and even better, you built new dreams with me! I can not thank you enough for being more than perfect because you showed me that even all the things that seem wrong are actually opportunities to work at them together and bring us closer together. No matter how far you are and no matter what you do, I always want you to know how much you mean to me, and how much I truly love you and how much I will always be yours forever.I love you so much and wish I could be there to hug and kiss you all day and all night long but for now this love letter will have to be my message. but know that you are a big part of me and I think of you all the time. I love you, and I've loved you before I was born, because I believe I was made for you, and will be yours for all eternity.Love always,Sara.亲爱的谢里夫,我一直以为梦只是梦,但是你使得更好的实现,你建立了新的梦想的人是我!我不能感谢你足够的完美,因为你告诉我,即使看起来是错误的事情其实机会在一起工作的机会,让我们更紧密。无论你走得多远,无论你做什么,我总是想让你知道你对我有多重要,而且我有多爱你,我永远都是你的。我爱你这么多,希望我能给你拥抱和亲吻整天整夜但现在这封情书将我的信息。但知道你是我的很大一部分,我想你的时候。我爱你,我爱你之前,我是天生的,因为我相信我是为你,我永远是你的。永远的爱,莎拉。★、Dear Javier,I can still remember our first time together, the way you kissed me, the way your hands caressed my body, the way you looked at me. It's truly amazing the way you completely changed my life around.Just when I thought my life was never going to change, you came along and showed me a whole new world. A world filled with love, a world filled with respect, a world filled trust and then one day you took all that away from me and left me lost and alone. So, how can you now ask for all those things in return? Love is not a game.It's true I love you but I don't trust you and I'm not sure I ever will, but I'm willing to try because my love is so completely true and I really do love you. So please try to understand me on those days that get so hard on us and things don't always go our way. Don't forget I was never untrue to you so don't punish me for crimes that I never committed, 'cause when you do that, it makes me feel really suffocated and it makes me push you away … Yo siempre te amare con toda mi alma.Love always,Aura.亲爱的哈维尔,我还记得我们第一次在一起,你吻了我,你的手抚摸我的身体的方式,你看我的方式。这是美妙的方式,你完全改变了我的生活。当我想到我的生活是永远不会改变,你的出现,给我一个全新的世界。一个充满爱的世界,一个世界充满尊敬的世界,一个充满信任,然后有一天,你把一切都带走了,我留下了孤独。所以,你怎么能现在要求所有的东西作为回报?爱情不是一场游戏。我真的爱你,但我不信任你,我不确定我不会,但我愿意尝试,因为我的爱是如此的真实,我真的爱你。所以请试着理解我在那些日子里,这样对我们,事情并不总是我们的方式。别忘了,我从来没有不真实的你不要惩罚我,我从来没有犯下的罪行,因为当你这样做,这让我感到很窒息,这让我把你带走你,我永远爱你我的心和灵魂。永远的爱,光环。★、It's been quite awhile since I've written you a letter. I must say that after all those times we've been apart you're still the one I'm longing for. You see, life has never been the same without you. Every day and every night, I fight this feeling, but try as I might, I can't win. It seems like you've captured my heart and my heart won't be able to escape from your grasp. Every morning when the sun goes out to shine, I flash a smile but deep inside, I feel so sad and lonely and all I'm thinking is that I need you here and now.I have regrets - regrets of why I let you go. But the sad fact is that you never tried or attempted to straighten things out between us. You never tried to fight for our love. Maybe because you never really loved me at all. And it pained me the most www.zhlzw.com to know that you can envision your life without me. Where have gone all those promises you once said? I guess promises are really made to be broken. You made me believe that. And so, the best thing to do right now would be to miss you … no more, no less. I just pray that somehow this heart of mine would learn to be contented - contented to be just missing you.它已经很长一段时间,因为我已经写了你的信。我必须说,毕竟那些时候,我们已经分开,你仍然是唯一我渴望。你看,生活从来就没有你相同。每一天,每一个晚上,我打这种感觉,但尝试,因为我可能的话,我可以不赢。好像你已经俘虏了我的心,我的心将不能够逃脱自己的掌控之中。每天早晨,当太阳照的,我闪过一个微笑,但内心深处,我感到很伤心,孤独,我的想法是,我需要你现在在这里。我有遗憾 - 遗憾的,我为什么让你去。但不幸的是你从来没有尝试过或试图理顺我们之间的事情了。你从来没有试图争取我们的爱。也许是因为你从来没有真正爱过我的所有。心疼我最知道你能想象你的生活没有我。你曾经说过的所有承诺已经?我想真的是用来被打破的承诺。你让我相信。所以,现在做的最好的事情将是想念你…无多,不会少。我只是祈祷,不知怎的,我的心脏会学习很满足 - 满足于只是想念你。★、You are the very air that I breathe, the very love that I need, my heart, my soul, my everything. The sweetest of my memories come when I think of you. I remember the very first day that I saw you, I could not believe I was looking at a human being. I pinched myself the hardest one could ever do so as to wake myself up from the drunken stupor I was in. For a moment I believed I was in heaven; I even danced to the music the angels were singing. Upon opening my eyes I realized I was not in heaven but that an angel had come down to earth, just for me.The music of your voice surpasses that of the greatest orchestra belting out its very best composition. Your skin is softer than the finest satin and glows radiantly illuminating like the sun, setting over a serene pool of crystal clear water. Your eyes dance like mermaids in the sunshine, promulgating the exotic beauty from within your innermost being. Words alone limit me to explaining exactly how I feel about you.I can say you are the sole comforter to me, the only one who ever took the pain to understand me. You dry every tear that falls down my cheeks. Loving you is the best thing that ever happened to me and I will forever cherish the moments we have spent together.Every night I dream of heaven, and I'd gotten used to the idea that they are looking for an angel, one that went missing the day you stepped into my life, the day all my sorrows were washed away and I took a step into the impossible, crossing the margin from natural to supernatural. You are my angel and forever you will be. The one whose memories I will treasure forever till the day I turn into an angel like you.你是我呼吸的空气,非常喜欢,我需要,我的心,我的灵魂,我的一切。我最甜蜜的回忆,当我想起你来。我记得我看见你的第一天,我不能相信我看到的是一个人类。我掐自己最艰难的一个希望能把自己从酒醉昏迷我是。一会儿我相信我是在天上;我甚至随着音乐跳舞的天使在唱歌。当我睁开眼睛我意识到我不是在天堂,而是一位天使来到了人间,只为我。音乐的声音超过的管弦乐队表演的最好的作文。你的皮肤柔软比最好的缎子和照明发光,像太阳,设置了平静的池清澈的水。你的眼睛像美人鱼舞蹈在阳光下,颁布奇特美从您的内心。仅限制的话我确切解释我对你的感觉。我能说你是唯一的安慰我,唯一一个带痛苦理解我的人。你干眼泪掉下来我的脸颊。爱你是最好的事情都发生在我身上,我将永远珍惜我们一起度过的时光。每天晚上我的梦想的天堂,我会习惯的想法,他们正在寻找一个天使,那个失踪你走进我生命中的每一天,这一天我所有的悲伤都被冲走了,我走了一步,成为不可能,穿越自然与超自然的边缘。你是我的天使,你永远是。那人的记忆,我将永远珍惜,直到我变成像你这样的天使。★、Dear Shortie,Look, I don't know where to start. I love you. I have loved you since as long as I can remember, Shortie. I guess the first time I told was when I realized how much you meant to me. We have known each other for years. Once we got together, I couldn't believe how good things were going. It was too good to be true. It was perfect in the beginning. I loved you, and you loved me. I felt like that's the way it should still be.I didn't want you to leave - honestly, I didn't. If I could go back, I'd beg you to stay by my side. To know you'd be miles away was breaking my heart, but I wanted you to be happy. I wanted you to make a good future for yourself, for us. Now that I think about it, how could I have let you go? What was I thinking then? Look what has happened.I know we've been through the toughest of times. And because of that I think we are stronger than we thought. We lasted a good while. I'm so incredibly sorry for everything that I did wrong. I wish you could just tell me, and I would change it all. But, you know that neither of us were innocent when it came to hurting each other.When I said I would marry you, I meant it. I wanted to live my entire life loving you. We could have grown old together. I know you wanted that. It would have been great. But what happened to us, Shortie? Where did we go wrong? Wasn't our love untouchable? Wasn't it strong? I sit and think, and the only thing that best explains it is that we needed to be together physically. Having you in one state and me in another was unbearable. Although, I wanted to be with you so badly, I also have school and my life here. If I could go back I'd probably leave with you when I had the chance. Would things be better now or is this the way it is supposed to be?All I know is we may not be together now or maybe not ever again. But I want you to know that you are someone I will never ever forget. I loved you, and still love, and will always love you, no matter what. We've been through a lot. But that love is still there. I hope you find happiness. I hope all your dreams come true. You deserve a lot.I feel very lucky to have had the chance to experience the love we once had. It's something I will forever cherish. Please don't forget it. I know things aren't the best now, but at least we still have our friendship. That's where it all started. I just ask for one thing; be happy, and know that I'm happy. I will always think of you.Love always,Lucky Angel.亲爱的矮子,看,我不知道从哪里开始。我爱你。我爱你,因为只要我能记住,矮子。我想我第一次告诉当我意识到你对我有多重要。我们已相识多年了。一旦我们在一起时,我不能相信好的事情。这真是太好了。它是完美的开始。我爱你,你爱我。我觉得这就是它应该仍然是。我不想离开你-真的,我没有。如果我能回到过去,我会乞求你留在我身边。知道你会英里以外打破我的心,但我希望你幸福。我想让你成为一个好自己的未来,为了我们。我现在觉得,我怎么可以让你走?我想的是什么呢?看发生了什么。我知道我们经历过的最艰难的时光。因为我认为我们比我们的思想。我们持续了好一会儿。我很抱歉难以置信的一切,都是我的错。我希望你能告诉我,我会改变这一切。但是,你知道,我们都是无辜的时候,互相伤害。当我说我要嫁给你,我的意思。我想住在我的整个生命爱你。我们可以一起变老。我知道你想要的。这将是巨大的。但我们发生了什么事,胖子?我们哪里做错了?不是我们的爱不?不是很强吗?我想,和唯一的一件事,最好的解释是,我们必须在一起。有你在一个国家和我的另一难以忍受。虽然,我想你了,我也有学校和我在这里的生活。如果我能回到过去,我想可能与你离开时,我有机会。事情会更好,现在是应该是这样的吗?我知道我们不可能在一起或也许不是再次。但我要你知道,你是我绝对不会忘记的那个人。我爱你,现在仍然爱,和我将永远爱你,不管是什么。我们已经经历了很多。但是,仍然有爱。我希望你找到幸福。我希望你所有的梦想成真。你得到了很多。我觉得很幸运,有机会体验到我们曾经拥有的爱。这是我永远会珍惜。请不要忘记它。我知道事情不是最好的,但至少我们还有我们的友谊。这一切开始的地方。我只求一事;快乐,并且知道我是快乐的。我会一直想着你。永远的爱,幸运天使。 来源:http://www.a-xa.com/Html/?4470.html
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